About Mary Phillips and Ken Townshend

Our Story

“All Sovereign God” is the debut album from Mary Phillips and Ken Townshend. The music of Mary Phillips & Ken Townshend blends Easy-Listening and Celtic influences for a modern worship sound straight out of Ireland – laid-back worship music for those seeking faith, hope, love, and their true purpose in life.

After meeting at a Christian poetry reading, the two felt called to make music together. Townshend’s background in Easy-Listening music brought him success in the secular music industry. Now, combined with vocals and songwriting from Phillips, the duo brings a Christian message and soothing sounds together to create a soft, delicate Christian sound unique to them.

“All Sovereign God” is more than just an album, but also the fruit of a calling to ministry. The duo sings at churches, Christian bookstores, and charity events in their area. They often donate ukuleles to children at these events, helping to bring even more music into their lives long after the concert has ended. “We want our image and our style to reflect our mission as charitable musicians,” said Townshend. “We want to give back to these causes that tug on our hearts as much as we can.”

The songs on “All Sovereign God” are inspired both by real-life experiences of the heart and by Biblical scripture.

Phillip’s mother is an ordained minister concert pianist and single mother that raised six kids on her own. Her brother is also an ordained minister who nearly perished in a car crash at 17. Both these strong individuals encouraged her greatly and inspired many of the songs on this record. Phillip’s provides not only her voice to these recordings, but writes the lyrics, put to music and arranged by both Townshend and Eamonn Karran.

Their ultimate hope is that their music inspires you to store up in Heaven the three things that will never pass away: Faith, hope, and love. These 3 things remain; everything else passes away.

“No matter what you’ve been through, no matter what your background is, you are God’s child, and he has a great purpose for your life – and he loves you,” says Phillips. “We want to inspire that feeling in you – that no one is exempt from the great things God has in store for those who love Him.”


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